GET READY…Fall 2021 Season is coming!  
The following are some important dates coming up.

Spring 2020 Banquet

  • Will be held Saturday July 17th at the Upper Deck.
  • You will be able to go ahead and turn in Registration sheets and payment for Fall 21 at that time if you choose.

Fall 2021 Season

  • Wednesday July 21st – in person Registration at Upper Deck (the web should open around Monday the 19th)
  • Wednesday August 4th – Packet Pick Up at the Upper Deck
  • Wednesday August 11th – what everyone has been waiting for – first week of matches!!!

Note: For Fall 2021 player and bar fees will only be $10!!

Start reaching out to your teammates, and especially your bars. Lots of things have changed due to Covid,  and if you have not been to your home establishment, make sure it is still open and still wants to host darts. If you haven’t picked up darts in a while, start warming up! There are multiple lucks running where you can dust off those darts and practice interacting in the real world again! Also, if you know you are changing host establishments, it is never too early to reach out to a board member to get the required inspection done for a new dart area set up.

Welcome to the home of the Raleigh Dart League (RDL)

The Raleigh Dart League, Inc. is organized for the purpose of conducting competition between its members.

All regularly scheduled matches will be scheduled at 8pm EST on Wednesday nights for the regular season and 7pm EST on Wednesday nights for the tournament playoffs.

All stats, standings, newsletters and contact information for the past Fall 2019 season and prior seasons can be found within this site under Archived Stats.

If you have any feedback or questions, please feel free to communicate to our RDL Board.  We appreciate any suggestions or comments that will help us provide a better website for our players and our visitors.



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