Current Season – Fall 2023

Welcome to the home of the Raleigh Dart League (RDL)

The Raleigh Dart League, established in 1978 in a local clubhouse, has grown to be the premier local dart league in North Carolina (and possibly the entire southeast). The RDL focuses on providing a fun, competitive experience for players at all levels, and talent levels range from pure beginners to multi-time state and national champions (yes, the RDL is proud to count many of the nation’s best talents among its membership). Teams are slotted into divisions based on talent and experience, with seven to eight teams per division, and six to ten players per team. Our most recent season featured 51 teams, 458 players and 18 host establishments.

The RDL hosts two seasons per year in the spring and fall. Each season consists of 14 weeks of regular season play (followed by a three round tournament), and each team chooses a home establishment where they host half of their matches each season. Regular season matches include single-game sets of singles 301, singles cricket, doubles cricket and doubles 501, with six players per team each round making for a 24-point match. The tournament match format is the same game order with each point contested in a best-of-three format.

As we continue to grow our membership base, we encourage anyone interested in the game of darts to visit us on our Facebook page, come out to one or more of the weekly blind draw tournaments, or contact the RDL board for information about how to participate in the RDL. We look forward to seeing you!

All regularly scheduled matches will be scheduled at 8pm EST on Wednesday nights for the regular season and 7pm EST on Wednesday nights for the tournament playoffs.

All stats, standings, newsletters and contact information for the past Spring 2022 season and prior seasons can be found within this site under Archived Stats.

If you have any feedback or questions, please feel free to communicate to our RDL Board.  We appreciate any suggestions or comments that will help us provide a better website for our players and our visitors.



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