Joining the RDL

The Raleigh Dart League, Inc. is organized for the purpose of facilitating competition between its members. Our league format is to have two seasons per year. Each season consists of 14 weeks of regular play, followed by three weeks of single elimination tournament. The seasons are structured so that the Spring season will end prior to the start of the weekend that includes Memorial Day, and the Fall season will end prior to the start of the week before Christmas. The League takes the week of Thanksgiving off. All matches are held on Wednesday nights at 8pm for the regular season and 7pm for the tournament. Team Registration is generally 3 weeks before the start of the season to allow time for the schedules to be created. There is a meeting one week before the start of the season to allow team Captains to pick up their schedules and share any announcements before the season begins.

The league is divided into Divisions, by skill, such that the most skilled players are in A Division and lesser skilled players in lower divisions. We do not have any qualifiers, for new people we ask about their darting experience. (For example, you might say “I played on a mid-level team in Michigan for 6 years” or “I have only played at bars and Luck of the Draws, but I win more than half the time” or “I miss 75% of what I throw at, but it’s fun!”). The Membership Director seeds all teams with the goal of having the most equitable grouping of team skill level within each Division.

Specific dates for the next upcoming season are posted on our website. They may be other places as well but will be on the Calendar located on our website. They are also typically in the TONS of Newsletter towards the end of the current season.

Anyone wanting to join, as an individual, a fully formed team, or as a hosting establishment, should read the Raleigh Dart League Rules posted on our website: