Team Standings

Raleigh Dart League Spring 2024 Team Standings

AElement XL4079
AThe Bullies4073
ALunatic Fringe3152
A2 Liver Die with LA3150
AWhy So Serious?1439
AShow Me Your Tips0430
ADarty Minds0537
BDart Attack5076
BDouble In, Stumble Out4172
BInconsistently Consistent3259
BNine Lives2360
BPut It on Matt's Tab2358
BTrips Are For Kids2354
BOne Armed Bandits1454
BRaging Bulls Eyes1447
CShooter McGavin4055
CHump Day!3154
COff Constantly-Reboot3151
CThe Outlaws2254
CRif Raf2356
CDarty Sanchez1334
CMenace 2 Sobriety0544
DRed-eye Rangers3153
DVillage Idiots3263
DSharky's Machine2245
DTon 80 Proof1344
ELiquor Possee5068
EDart Side of the Moon4172
ERuns with Corks4165
EDeath Throw2366
EBangin the Wire2359
EIrish Ton2347
ECheap Shots1456
EDuck Around & Find Out0545
FZero Dart Ton 805090
FRippin Darts4172
FShark Shooters4171
FSofa Kings3265
FTriple Shot2346
FNein Mark1454
FCoach's Last Dance1443
FThe Dartifacts0533
GDart Vader's5074
GThat's What She Said4175
GBottoms Up3161
GThe Neighborhood Dart Knights3261
GKiller Dee's2234
GWe're Sexy & We Throw It1447
G21 Dart Salute1443
GDarts and Crafts0541