Raleigh Dart League Fall 2023 Team Standings

ARing of Elements50108
AThe Bullies5099
ALunatic Fringe3258
ALiver Alliance3257
AWhy So Serious?1432
APut It on Matt's Tab1538
AConsistently Inconsistent0538
BDarty Minds6093
BRaging Bulls Eyes5180
BShow Me Your Tips4285
BDart Attack3378
BDouble In, Uber Out2462
BTrips Are For Kids2458
BTrippin Bulls0653
CDouble In Stumble Out5079
COne Armed Bandits4166
CDysfunctional Outlaws3257
CNine Lives3254
CDarty Sanchez2360
COff Constantly-Reboot1561
CRif Raf0533
DMenace 2 Sobriety4176
DHump Day!4168
DShooter McGavin1454
DCheap Shots1447
DBad Mutha Duckas1557
EDeath Throw4166
ETon 80 Proof4275
ESharky's Machine3272
ERed-eye Rangers3267
EVillage Idiots3262
EIrish Ton1439
FRuns with Corks6086
FSofa Kings4284
FDart Side of the Moon4273
FLiquor Possee3371
FBangin The Wire3370
FShark Shooters2467
FRippin Darts1567
FThat's What She Said1558
GNein Mark5073
GNeighborhood Dart Knights4171
GKiller Dee's4278
GWe're Sexy & We Throw It2367
GThe Rock Bottoms2356
G21 Dart Salute1436
GTriple Shot0540