Raleigh Dart League Spring 2019 Team Standings

AThe UnIntiminated Element70129
AThe Neighborhood Bullies61111
ANorth Raleigh Alliance5290
ALunatic Fringe4381
ADead Beats3482
AJameson's Monkeys2562
ADarty Minds1646
ADartistic Abandon0755
BIrrelevant Details5299
BRif Raf4396
BShooter McGavin4390
BThings That Bounce4381
BRed Eyed Jedis3481
BKiss The Crüe3480
BOne Armed Bandits2569
CCheap Shots5185
CConsistently Inconsistant4280
CBangin' the Neighbors4277
CNine Lives3381
CDouble in, Stumble out3367
CMenace 2 Sobriety2456
CSharky's Machine0654
DShow Me Your Tips5180
DBig Bulls4270
DBulls Up3384
DProjectile Dysfunction3379
DGarage Inc.3365
DMy Cork Fell Out0644
EWhy So Serious?5193
EGame of Throws4281
EShark Shooters4279
EJust the Tip4272
ETaylor and the swinging Richards3360
ERed Eye Rangers1559
EChalker's Nightmare0654
FBulls on Parade6098
FHump Day!5181
FDon't Hit the Scorekeeper3379
FDeath Throw3372
FSofa Kings2454
FAccoutrement Stuff1559
FThe Coral Reefers1552
GDr. unks5199
GIrish Ton5180
GOld Darting Bastards4275
GBanging the wire3371
GAll About That Bull!2469
GWayne Gretzky1567
HAnother Coach Creation61111
HGrip it lightly61105
HDarty Sanchez61105
HTips & Shafts4392
HThe Neighborhood Dart Knights3458
HWe're Sexy & We Throw It!2560
Hxx-The Groupers
(suspended for season)