Raleigh Dart League Spring 2020 Team Standings

ABirth of an Element70135
AThe Neighborhood Bullies61117
ADeez Nuts4390
ALunatic Fringe3477
ADartistic Disturbance3467
ARepeat A-ffenders3465
ALiver Die!2562
ADarty Minds0757
BDouble or nothin'70101
BShow Me Your Tips6191
BBoom Baby52113
BConsistently Inconsistant3475
BShooter McGavin2568
BIrrelevant Final Answer2567
BRif Raf1672
CWhy So Serious?61123
CBulls Up6186
CProjectile Dysfunction5286
CNine Lives3468
CBig Bulls2578
CCheap Shots2577
CMenace 2 Sobriety2573
CMethodical 2.02572
DShark Shooters52100
DLoaded Darts5294
DSharky's Machine5290
DWe Still Don't Know!4393
DHump Day!3483
DOne Armed Bandits3476
DGame of Throws2556
DTreble Yell1665
EKings of the Board5299
EIs It In?4388
ERed-eye Rangers3377
EMa and Pa and the Kids3477
EDeath Throw2574
ERock Out With Your Cork Out1547
FActive Shooters6195
FStill F'd5296
FDarty Sanchez4392
FBanging The Wire4377
FSofa Kings3469
FMy Darts R Bigger2571
FCoach Yrself Clean0762
GTips & Shafts61106
GCoral Reefers61105
GIs It Still In?61105
GThe Neighborhood Dart Knights43101
GStarving Dartists3482
GWayne Gretzky2580
GWe're Sexy & We Throw It!1652
GBulls Hitters0734