Raleigh Dart League Fall 2019 Team Standings

AThe Neighborhood Bullies140252
AUnstable Elements122246
ALunatic Fringe95193
ADead Beats77169
ANorth Raleigh Alliance77167
ADartistic Side of the Moon410127
AThings That Bounce311109
AIrrelevant Elemetns01457
BDarty Minds131241
BConsistently Inconsistant77162
BShooter McGavin59145
BRif Raf59143
BKiss Our Inconsistency59142
BMethodical 2.0311125
CBoom Baby111171
CShow me your Tips93167
CFlightless Boards84152
CBulls Up47151
CCheap Shots57116
CNine Lives39114
COne Armed Bandits11192
DWhy So Serious?140240
DBig Bulls95178
DMenace 2 Sobriety86173
DProjectile Dysfunction77180
DWe Don't Know!77159
DJust the Tip59159
DSharky's Machine59154
DMa and Pa and the Kids11389
ETreble Yell93158
ELoaded Darts84162
EShark Shooters84161
EGame of Throws75147
EHump Day!66151
EIs It In?39123
EBeat My Cork!11185
FRed-eye Rangers93146
FKings of the Board84158
FDeath Throw75138
FThe Happy Crew48144
FDown to F!48132
FIrish Ton111111
GSofa Kings102172
GDarty Sanchez84167
GMake Darts Great Again66149
GBanging The Wire66143
GIs It In, Again?57137
GWayne Gretzky57121
GCoral Reefers210114
HNot Dead Ducks Yet102176
HCoach Never Walks Alone102171
HTips & Shafts84162
HThe Replacements66160
HThe Neighborhood Dart Knights66158
HWe're Sexy & We Throw It!21094
HXX - Darty B's (forfiet)01225