Raleigh Dart League Fall 2021 Team Standings

AThe Bullies100182
ANorth Raleigh Alliance83163
AThe Reunited Element64139
ALiver Die!55113
ALunatic Fringe56115
AShadows Count1975
A3-PEAt A-fenders1966
BBrown's Terror Bulls102178
BWhy So Serious?93154
BBoom Baby!!!74146
BArmed & Hammered75150
BDarty Daze65120
BConsistently Inconsistent57136
BShow Me Your Tips39130
CF Bombs92159
CDysfunctional Outlaws64121
CNine Lives64118
CShark Shooters56122
CCheap Shots46102
CRif Raf46101
CToeing the Line28104
DOff Constantly-Reboot82145
DBig Bulls83157
DOne Armed Bandits64144
DHump Day!55116
DSharky's Machine55101
DBoard Royalty2887
DMenace 2 Sobriety2996
ERed-eye Rangers93166
EDarty Sanchez93165
EDarts & Debauchery75153
ELeft, Right, Corkers66137
EDeath Throw66127
ESalty Damn Duck Gone…57141
EJust F'd39124
EOnes Are Closed39120
FNeighborhood Dart Knights102167
FDart Side of the Moon102165
FBanging The Wire84163
FCoach 4:484160
FFlight Privilege66148
FSofa Kings57145
FWe're Sexy & We Throw It111101
FThe Gutter Balls01262