Raleigh Dart League Fall 2017 Team Standings

AThe Cardiac Element111215
AAppetite for Destruction111181
ADead Beats84149
ALunatic Fringe48126
AAlcohol Related48119
ABrass Monkeys3999
ANorth Raleigh Alliance111109
BMethodical Madness113181
BDartistic Expression104198
BNine Lives77179
BKiss My Bulls77164
BMenace 2 Sobriety77150
BThursday's Suck77148
BThe Bunkers59148
BRif Raf212125
CShooter McGavin95178
CDarty McDart Face86172
CFire For Effect Again77139
CLong Shafts68168
CPop That Cork!68149
CCheap Shots59151
CGhosts of Our Former Selves11395
DOne Armed Bandits111172
DPat's Blue Ribbon84155
DDysfunctional Outlaws66156
DHump Day!66127
DArmed and Hammered57121
DRed Eye Rangers48125
DSharky's Machine210120
EInglourious Darters102186
EGame of Throws66133
EDeath Throw57137
EShark Shooters48114
ESofa Kings48108
ECoaching Tom Seaver39126
FBull Hunters120193
FCoral Reefers75132
FDon't Hit the Scorekeeper75105
FSomething Inappropriate66154
FShow Me Your Tips66151
FWayne Gretzky48129
FPlumber's Quacks01280
GBulls Up!102166
GWalkingThat Wire93163
GIrish Ton84129
GIs It In?57131
GCold Blooded and Thick Skinned48112
GChalker's Nightmare39132
GDart Buddies39116
HWhy So Serious?140251
HJust A Bit Outside104197
HBallistic Behavior95175
HBrown's Bombers86139
HAll About That Bull68145
HChalk It Up410136
HTips & Shafts410131
HDart Squad014-5