Raleigh Dart League Fall 2018 Team Standings

AThe Overall Element80152
ADarty Minds62128
AAppetite for Destruction53116
ASpank That Monkey44106
ANorth Raleigh Alliance44102
ALunatic Fringe4495
AShooter McGavin0825
BDead Beats61109
BDartistic Freedom61104
BFore, bounce outs3470
BKiss My Tips2458
BOne Armed Bandits2563
BNine Lives0767
CInglourious Darters52106
CCheap Shots4392
CRif Raf4380
CThe Bunkers3478
CGarage Inc.3477
CBangin' the Neighbors3474
CMenace 2 Sobriety2464
DDouble In, Stumble Out4272
DBig Bulls4393
DGame of Throws4387
DSharky's Machine4381
DThat's a Huge Cork!3483
DJust the Tip3478
DProjectile Dysfunction2574
EWhy So Serious?6198
EShow Me Your Tips52111
EBulls Up4395
EHump Day!4391
ERed Eye Rangers3361
ECoral Reefers2573
EDeath Throw0747
FTaylor Wants a Ton!5146
FShark Shooters5299
FSchlitz & Giggles5289
FBulls on Parade4391
FOld Darting Bastards2575
FSofa Kings2565
FJust Playing1669
GDon't Hit the Scorekeeper7197
GChalker's Nightmare53112
GCoach's Crew53103
GIrish Ton44100
GWayne Gretzky4499
GAll About That Bull!4484
GBrown's Bombers3579
GThe Liquor Posse0847
HMake Ducks Great Again7097
HYou Diddled What?52101
HDr. unks5297
HBallistic Behavior4390
HWe're Sexy & We Throw It!2574
HTips & Shafts0754