Raleigh Dart League Spring 2022 Team Standings

AThe Bullies111232
AThe Uncharted Element102202
ANorth Raleigh Alliance93191
ALiver Die!66113
ALunatic Fringe48127
ABrown's Terror Bulls21080
AWhy So Serious?01263
BBoom Baby!!!93153
BArmed & Hammered84154
BHump Day Hurlers84150
BThe Replacements Reloaded57129
BConsistently Inconsistent48137
BThat! Just Happened111119
CWe're DR.UNK Again102168
CDarty Minds93176
CDysfunctional Outlaws84161
CFrankie & The 4 Marks66150
CNine Lives48109
CGarage Inc.01294
DOff Constantly-Reboot102166
DBig Bulls93172
DRif Raf75155
DHump Day!66152
DMethodical Insurrection57128
DCheap Shots48136
DShark Shooters11192
EDarty Sanchez120175
EOne Armed Bandits84165
ESharky's Machine75157
ERed-eye Rangers75151
EMenace 2 Sobriety57133
EThat's What She Said210120
ESippin' & Trippin'11187
FDuck Yew84164
FDeath Throw84156
FTwisted Fork75147
FDart Side of the Moon57137
FNo Consensus210120
FNeighborhood Dart Knights210107
GBanging The Wire102170
GYeah Yeah Coach84161
GSofa Kings84153
GShoot to Thrill75155
GOnes Are Closed57146
GRippin Darts39114
GWe're Sexy & We Throw It111100