Individuals Wanting to Join

If you are an individual looking to join an existing team there are several things you can do to find a team.

One of the best ways to find a team is to meet active players. The best way to meet active players is to attend some of the many local blind draws. Weekly blind draws can be found on the home page and in the Tons Newsletters. Playing in the local blind draws will allow you to assess your skill relative to the different Divisions of RDL, as well as meet active league members. This is the best way to find a team as you will meet people of all different skill levels. You do not need to be a member of the RDL to play in the Luck of the Draws – they are open to anyone willing to pay the small entry fee (normally $5).

Prior to each Spring and Fall Registration, you may contact the Membership Director (using the Contact form on our site) and provide your information. You will then be put on a list of eligible players so that captains of existing teams looking for players may contact you. There is no guarantee that someone will pick you up from this list but there is a good chance that someone will contact you.

You may also go to Current Season>Team Locations to find out where we play. You can attend a match at a bar you like and talk to the teams playing there. They may be looking for someone or know teams that are looking.

You can also go to our Facebook Page (>The Raleigh Dart League) and post that you are looking to join a team.

If you have other specific questions, you can contact any of the RDL board members or submit a direct message to a board member using our Contact form.