Bars Wanting to Host

We welcome new hosting establishments. In order to host a dart team, the establishment must be located within fifteen (15) miles of the Raleigh, NC capitol building (1 W Edenton St. Raleigh, NC), “as the Crow flies”. The establishment must be able to host dart matches during the entire regular season (i.e. cannot require the teams to reschedule so they may have bands or other events in the dart area). All bars new to the Raleigh Dart League must have their dart area approved by the RDL board prior to registering a team. The set-up requirements can be found here. If your bar has a team planned for the upcoming season, please notify the Rules and Grievance Director who can come inspect your bar prior to Registration.

Generally, bars will need to build their own teams. While a bar may certainly notify the Membership director that they are looking for teams, teams normally find their own bar, and only rarely come to the Membership director asking if she knows of bars looking for teams. Teams must have already selected a bar when they register (so the Board can ensure it meets inspection and begin working on schedules).
One set of 2 dartboards can host 2 dart teams since teams will play on a “home/away/home/away” format, so while one team is away, the other team can be at home.
In order to host tournament matches, host bar must be able to accommodate a 7:00 start time (area prepared by 6:30 pm) and allow teams to the complete match with service. (Some matches can occasionally last beyond 11:00 – 12:00) If the bar does not want to host tournament matches, bar must contact the Membership Director and inform them of this decision.