Current Season – Spring 2023

The Raleigh Dart League, Inc. is the premier “local” dart league, not only in the Triangle area, but across North Carolina as a whole. Talent levels range from pure beginners to multi-time state and national champions (yes, the RDL is proud to count many of the nation’s best talents among its membership), with teams slotted into divisions based on talent and experience. The most recent season consisted of 14 weeks of regular play, followed by three weeks of a single elimination tournament (as is our standard for both seasons every year). All regular season matches take place at 8:00 pm on Wednesday nights, and that start time is moved to 7:00 pm for the tournament playoffs.
The Spring 2022 season ended on Saturday, May 21st with our End of Season Banquet, and kicked off the RDL’s 45th year since it formed. All statistics, standings, newsletters and contact information for the Spring 2022 season (and many prior seasons) can be found throughout this site. This spring season saw the RDL continue to make very quick strides toward its pre-pandemic participation levels, with 442 league members spread across 49 teams in 7 divisions, playing at 23 host establishments. (For comparison, recent pre-pandemic averages had been roughly 514 members, 58 teams, 8 divisions, and 26 establishments, so the RDL has already reached 80-90% of its pre-pandemic standards, all of which are easily the largest in North Carolina.)
The Fall 2022 season promises to continue the RDL’s tradition of being the state’s flagship league, and the League is excited to welcome teams to registration on Wednesday, July 20th, with match play to begin on Wednesday, August 10th.
If you have any feedback or questions regarding the RDL, please feel free to communicate to our Board (contact links for them can be found on the Contact Us tab on this site – see far right or top banner). We also appreciate any suggestions or comments that will help us provide a better website for our league members visitors.