Current Season – Fall 2023

The Raleigh Dart League, Inc. is the premier “local” dart league, not only in the Triangle area, but across North Carolina as a whole. Talent levels range from pure beginners to multi-time state and national champions (yes, the RDL is proud to count many of the nation’s best talents among its membership), with teams slotted into divisions based on talent and experience. The most recent season consisted of 14 weeks of regular play, followed by three weeks of a single elimination tournament (as is our standard for both seasons every year). All regular season matches take place at 8:00 pm on Wednesday nights, and that start time is moved to 7:00 pm for the tournament playoffs.

Welcome to the Raleigh Dart League, Fall 2023!

The Fall 2023 season completes the RDL’s 46th year of play and promises to extend the RDL’s long-standing tradition as the state’s flagship dart league. We are excited to welcome teams to registration at the Upper Deck at 7:00 p.m. on Wednesday, July 19, 2023 (Registration form here Fall 2023 Roster), with match play beginning on Wednesday, August 9, 2023.

The recent Spring ’23 season was a season of ups and downs, surprises and excitement. Thankfully, the downs were minor and actually presented us the opportunity to address a few things and make our league nights even better. Congratulations to all the champions on their outstanding performances, and also to everyone else who made their best efforts to claim the plaques and mugs. Also, a hearty congratulations to the inaugural inductees to the RDL Hall of Greatness – see the special Newsletter edition at the top of the newsletter page for details on the honorees.

We are looking forward to the Fall ’23 season being yet another season of improvements in participation and venue quality. The board continues to make efforts to ensure that all hosts provide a consistently excellent playing environment and provide our players with a darting experience consistent with the highest standards. Thanks to player input and the willing participation of our generous hosts, the league continues to grow and adapt itself to help us meet those lofty goals. The RDL’s membership is so loyal and varied that it really has become its own fantastic community, and we welcome you to join us and see why we all keep returning year after year.
Don’t wait until the last minute, get those rosters confirmed and ready to register!
Here’s to another awesome season.